Organization Profile and Visioning

Edo Global Arts Foundation is a not for profit organization that promotes and supports African arts and culture. The Foundation seeks to further develop Edo State and empower its citizens and inhabitants through the arts & crafts they produce.  We connect the world to Edo State through innovative solutions and rich arts heritage; ensuring creativity from Igun street to the palace to Ring road, which are arts and cultural landmarks in the Benin kingdom.

We place strong emphasis on creativity, by encouraging other forms of arts production and representation. For example, artists and makers can use technology tools to create designs, animations, robotics and other high tech or ICT enabled creations. As a result, diverse groups of individuals, irrespective of age, gender or social status are given the platform to participate and bring their ideas to life. 

With a team with deep industry experience and resource networks, we understand the barriers to access and the needs of the arts community. Therefore, we identify key locations that need to be connected with the diverse artistic resources and activities. Given the long history original arts inventions, we reinforce Edo State’s image as a formidable global arts destination for all things arts, creativity and technology.

The foundation provides opportunities for individuals, organisations and the government to develop and support new businesses that contribute to the economic development of Edo State. We cultivate artistic talents, connect communities and create more employers by supporting the production, presentation and propagation of arts created from Edo State.  

The mandate is to deepen the creation and appreciation of the arts for the benefit of all. This involves arts creation through conventional methods, while allowing idea exchange and resource integration from other sectors, such as technology, for diverse interpretation and performance. We are certain that the arts are important to the cultural identity and economic prosperity of Edo State. It has the capacity to improve lives, foster innovation, start conversations, bridge differences and strengthen communities.

Overall, our work reflects solutions to economic development, social cohesion and income opportunities for individuals and the state. Therefore, we support, promote, advocate for, and celebrate the arts and artists in Edo State, guaranteeing benefits such as:

  • Employment creation, investor confidence and value creation.
  • Improved economic activities.
  • Enhanced collaboration among sectoral and non-sectoral actors, thereby creating a reference point for arts innovation in Nigeria.
  • Increased foreign partnerships and contributions to the tourism sector.
  • Improved quality of living for the people of Edo state.
  • Improved learning and valuable skills for the future.
  • Opportunities to promote and export the arts internationally; engaging top global museums for shows and exhibitions, and the universities for research and skills exchange programs.
  • Revenue generation through sales of art works and organized art events.

Program Areas and Description

Our programs are focused on supporting and promoting arts in the society. Each program is conceptualized and designed to achieve the mission and objectives of the Foundation. We envision and organize a range of mission driven activities through research, critical planning and efficient implementation. We do this because every individual deserves to enjoy the many benefits of the arts.

The Edo Global Arts Foundation provides a variety of programming throughout the year aimed at strengthening, supporting, celebrating and promoting the diverse artistic, heritage, and cultural landscape unique to Edo State.

Our programs are focused on arts ecosystem development in Edo State. The arts ecosystem consists of a set of interdependent relationships among artists, curators, arts administrators, arts supporters, consumers and the academics. We nurture their innovation through initiatives that encourage linkages among actors, generating employment opportunities.

Our programming areas are grouped into seven main areas:

  • Edo Global Arts Tech Hub
  • Arts Spaces and Museum Revamping Project
  • Artist Network and Market Linkages
  • Community Engagement Programs
  • Artists Residency Programs
  • Arts Learning and Education Programs
  • Research and Advocacy Programs

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2, Sakponba Road, off Ring Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria